Mr. Detroit

If you’ve traveled downtown the past few decades, partaking in many festivals the city has to offer, who’ve more than likely have been graced by none other than Mr. Detroit.  Mr. Detroit fancies himself as the best dressed individual you’re going to set eyes on, he says the roaring 20’s was the best time because men and women dressed great, men wearing suites and hats, and he is keeping that style alive. The many people have come from a far are never disappointed, Mr. Detroit is not only alluring visually, he is charismatic and charming.  These are the reasons he has appeared in Vanity Magazine and won the Spirit of Detroit Award by the City Council. 

In 2016, Watch Detroit, after going through a few leads and eventually being connected by a friend at Floods Bar and Grill downtown, I was able to meet the mysterious man known only by Mr. Detroit.

Mr. Detroit is exquisitely layered in clothing but don’t be mistaken, there are many layers to this man who has witnessed, lived, and survived decades in our city.  In our conversation,

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