(Watch Detroit caught up with Hip Hop artist Demacio in September of 2017.  Below is the transcribed interview.)

What is the concept of your solo Album “The Deepest Yellows”?

It’s an emotion, a feeling of being trapped, a lot of frustration not knowing where I was going to go. I’m an artist, I want to make art and I felt trapped in a way. A lot of it kind of has aggression to it and frustration but there is also poetry. The last song on the album is called T.D.Y., The Deepest Yellows, which is the embodiment of it, it’s a real ruff song but the message is, if your in my way or not in my way, I’m still going to do what I have to do, I’m still going to strive to be the best.

How was making a solo album different from working in a group?
It has challenged me the most because now it’s an everyday thing. I have to make sure I’m making music, I’m handling my business, doing shows so that I can be on different platforms. I have to push myself, it challenges me not just as an artist but as a human in general just working and striving for something I want to do.

How did you choose this form of HipHop or Rap?
I think it stems from growing up around art. Art gives a sense of hope because it’s people creating. My grandfather is a painter and I’ve always wanted to be like him. And growing up in Southwest, there is graffiti everywhere, I thought that was the dopest shit ever and gave me a little positivity and I try to be on a positive note although it’s not forced. But everything I write isn’t motivational because sometimes I do shit, I feel like the world is about to end. As long as we have air in our lungs we’re going to be alright. At times when we’re young we’re taught we’re not shit, we’re not going to be shit. Sometimes I just want to give a different message. Rapping, you have a big responsibility in your voice and what you say, a lot of people overlook that but one day people are going to go back to your rhymes to see what you said and I want to be proud of what I said.

What is We Are Culture Creators?
We Are Culture Creators is a Hip Hop label started by poet named Michael Reyes who also happens to be my manager. A lot of my homies would come by while we were making the Deepest Yellows, and we just started making music. It’s cool because we a group of Latino and Black kids from the city. We’re based in Southwest but we have Triple 9 from the eastside and people from the westside. But we go to other cities to perform also. It’s a movement and we’re growing in Detroit city also. We’re a bunch of dope artist.

Tell us about your trip overseas:
Last year there was a group from Germany that brought over ten artist and they wanted to make an album with people from Detroit. We knew the people who put it together and they wanted us involved. We wrote and recorded the album here and they mixed it in Berlin. Part of the deal was that we would go to Germany for the album release party. Myself and my partner Supreme Flows went to Berlin and performed at this famous techno club named Transoric and participated d the first

Where is your favorite place to eat in the city?
I’m from Southwest, you gotta be from Southwest to know about it, it’s called D Block. It’s over by Mgraw, it’s a house ran by a Domincan Family, it’s the best food your gonna eat. Also this Taco truck near Springwells and 75 and that Taco truck slaps. Another is on Vernor and Hubbard called Super Macardo.