Step into the realm of Sophia Billionaire. Yes, you’re truly placed into a different world when listening to Sophia. A refreshing escape from the norm our ears are accustomed to. Good Mornings is a track written and produced by Sophia Billionaire. The video is directed by @SmittyShotYou.

The beat hits with a sound reminiscent trip hop with some smooth keys and drums gliding through. The lyrics open with a touch of James Brown, someone else very creative and unique to his time “Woke up in the morning…feeling myself… Woke up in the morning…. had to kiss myself.” The video is also well shot and full of life like Sophia. @SmittyShotYou does a great job capturing Sophia and her fun loving personality as she pushed through the neighborhood in shopping cart passing out roses. We highly recommend getting out of the norm and giving Sophia Billionaire a listen.