Middle Detroit - Mario Chaney

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The stories about Detroit’s financial and political issues, employment challenges and physical dilapidation is repeated just as much as stories of white influx, entrepreneurial opportunity for those with resources and downtown buyout by millionaires. Though these stories are part of the tapestry of Detroit they are not the whole story. A large part of the narrative and population is ignored because they do not fit the extremes that media tend to feed us. They are ignored because they do not have the financial resources and they are not the ones causing trouble in the city. They are ignored because they may not look the part of a Detroiter; at least the Detroiter that has been created through media. This website will change that.Middle Detroit is a platform to give Detroiters a voice by sharing their stories and experiences with the world. These people are the ones in the middle of the extremes and also the ones who keep balance in communities with their hard work, talents, dedication and loyalty. Adding the Middle narrative to the mix will expand the limited narrative that is currently spread via media and within the city into one that shows the complexities and intricacies of Detroit; the REAL Detroit. www.middledetroit.com